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Last Updated

October 10, 2017

Table of Contents

Keleseth Tempo Rogue
Class Cards (18)
Backstab 0
Shadowstep 0
Cold Blood 1
Hallucination 1
Swashburglar 1
Edwin VanCleef 3
Shaku, the Collector 3
SI:7 Agent 3
Xaril, Poisoned Mind 4
Vilespine Slayer 5
Shadowcaster 5
Neutral Cards (12)
Fire Fly 1
Patches the Pirate 1
Southsea Deckhand 1
Prince Keleseth 2
Southsea Captain 3
Spellbreaker 4
Leeroy Jenkins 5
Bonemare 8

Mana Curve

4 0
11 1
1 2
6 3
2 4
4 5
0 6
2 7

Attack Curve

8 0
5 1
5 2
7 3
2 4
2 5
1 6
0 7

Health Curve

8 0
5 1
6 2
6 3
3 4
2 5
0 6
0 7

Deck Guide: Prince Keleseth Tempo Rogue

Hello hello hello! Some of you may remember me as Fireflyer last year but after half a year away from Hearthstone due to a job that took up a lot of my time, I’ve decided to evolve my persona to a new one to reflect a fresh new start on my Twitch/writing career. But alas, this article isn’t about me, so let’s just get right into it.

One of the cards that made a recent rise in power over the past month or so has been Prince Keleseth due to its ability to make decks that use a lot of minions much stronger than before. Decks such as Zoo Warlock and Zoo Druid have both been seen using Keleseth to pump up their deck full of minions as well as comboing well with Patches the Pirate to give you a free 2/2 Charge directly out of your deck. However, the biggest abuse of this power card comes in the form of Tempo Rogue thanks to the insane synergy between Prince Keleseth and Shadowstep. Pretty much any game where you can drop Keleseth on Turn 1 (with coin) or Turn 2 and immediately bounce him back to your hand to be cast for FREE thanks to Shadowstep‘s cost reduction is a game that will be difficult for your opponent to win.

Let’s take a look at the current “top” build for Keleseth Tempo Rogue and discuss some possible alternative cards that can be thrown into the deck as well.

Decklist: Tempo Rogue

The full decklist is available to the right but I’m going to split up the decklist into different sections to better identify the reason for cards in the deck.

Keleseth Combo

This is the main combo in the deck that really makes it truly deadly. I aggressively mulligan for these cards because if you can get the Prince Keleseth trigger, you’re in a good spot, but if you can get it to trigger twice I think it’s pretty much impossible to lose thanks to how this deck rolls out.

Shadowstep: While Keleseth is your main target for this card, there are TONS of things you can do with this that makes it such a good card in this deck. Helping combos trigger is one thing but the synergy this card has with things like SI:7 Agent or Bonemare or even Spellbreaker is what makes this deck very versatile and allows it to handle a lot of various decks. Oh man I forgot to even mention Vilespine Slayer! This card is just great for battlecry effects and this deck is full of great ones that you can abuse. Always use it with Keleseth during the first 2-3 turns but if you’ve gotten to turn 5-6 and you still have one in hand and you just drew into Keleseth, I wouldn’t bother comboing with him anymore since the deck buff is pretty much unnecessary at that point and focus on using this with your lategame tempo minions such as Vilespine Slayer and Bonemare for some really gruesome synergy.

Prince Keleseth: I don’t even want to call this card Prince Keleseth anymore because he is a KING now. This card’s popularity has gone up so much and after trying this deck out I can see why. Being able to buff Patches the Pirate into a 2/2 Charge that you can toss into play for free is insane but a single Shadowstep makes your deck just ridiculous. Even if you’re not a fan of this deck I would tell you to try out the other various Prince Keleseth decks going around because he really has become quite a powerhouse in this current meta. Mulligan AGGRESSIVELY for this guy.

Rogue Necessities

These are the cards that are pretty much a staple in most rogue decks. The cards listed here are the types of cards that you almost will always see pop up in every rogue deck just because of how invaluable they are to have.

Backstab: One of the best removal cards in the game. The 0 mana cost allows you to easily combo off of this if you really need to activate an SI:7 Agent on Turn 3 and also allows you to drop down a huge Edwin VanCleef. One thing to keep in mind is that although you will be tempted to use this to take out your opponent’s early game, sometimes a late game Backstab is super handy to try and get out a quick SI:7 Agent or Vilespine Slayer with the curve so you can tempo out better, which is the focus of this deck.

Cold Blood: I wouldn’t say that this card is used in every Rogue deck but the burst potential of this card makes it pretty useful. I like to compare this card to Soulfire in that you can use it to pump one of your minions to deal 4 extra damage to your opponent or pump it so it’s big enough to kill something like a Jade Behemoth that might be in your way. The cheap mana cost also allows you to combo off of it if you need to and can also be used to make Edwin VanCleef a big threat. Personally I like to combo this with Leeroy Jenkins but there are definitely times when you need to put this on a 1/1 to trade with a big minion.

Hallucination: This is another card that isn’t really a staple in EVERY rogue deck but it’s a card that I think is valuable just because of two things: First, it’s very cheap so it helps you combo cards and also helps with Edwin VanCleef. Second, it replaces itself so you’re not actually losing a card when you combo with this like you do with other cards such as Backstab. The decklist I found online was running only one of these previously but I had been running into issues of not being able to combo Vilespine Slayer effectively and an extra one of these really made a huge difference. I personally love the card because it also makes games interesting. Instead of being stuck to the same 30 cards every game, you’ll get cards that aren’t normally in your deck and will allow you to come up with some fun strategies and synergies that you normally wouldn’t be able to play.

SI:7 Agent: Another staple card in rogue decks that allows you to control the game by removing small minions, dealing damage to your opponent’s face if they are super low, and also getting a minion body that allows you to attack/trade. This card is extra handy in this deck because of things like Shadowstep and Shadowcaster which allow you to really abuse the combo mechanic it has. I love using this minion to kill something small like a Radiant Elemental and then Shadowstep it back to hand, replay it to deal damage to another minion and basically get its full health back. Definitely a great card for this deck.

Vilespine Slayer: A fresh new card in the latest expansion that found its place in every Rogue player’s heart. Assassinate used to be in its place but once this card came out it quickly took over that spot since it allows you to effectively do the same exact thing while also having two extra benefits: one, of course you get the 3/4 body which is even better in this deck since Keleseth will make it a 4/5 or even a 5/6, and two, you can target otherwise untargetable things from effects like Adapt which can’t do. I would be surprised to see anyone use Assassinate ever again since this card is just so damn good. Just remember, try to save your Backstabs so you can tempo into this minion effectively or at least hold back a Hallucination.

Pirates and Friends

These are your staple “small” minions in the deck that allow you to dominate the early game and dominate even harder if you can get Prince Keleseth to trigger and make them bigger/deadlier minions.

Fire Fly: This is your answer against most of the pirate mirror matches and also against hunter. It effectively takes out 1/1s quite well like Alleycat and Swashburglar while also tossing a free 1/2 into your hand to combo off of or to drop next turn for more early game trade potential. It’s a simple card that does its job early on in the game.

Patches the Pirate: What can we say about Patches that everyone doesn’t already know? Combined with the power of Prince Keleseth he is now a 2/2 Charge (or bigger) that comes out of your deck for free. If you’re using Southsea Captain to pull him out he’s even BIGGER than that! Cannot be replaced no matter how many decks are starting to run Golakka Crawler as a counter to pirates.

Southsea Deckhand: Another amazing pirate that works best in rogue thanks to the hero power that allows this to be pretty much a 2/1 Charge almost always. I rarely play it without the Charge effect just so you can at least guarantee 2 free damage so don’t drop it on Turn 1 unless you really feel you need to because a lot of decks have some sort of removal that will easily take it out. Examples: Potion of Madness, Mortal Coil, Maelstrom Portal, Mage Hero Power, Druid Hero Power, Paladin Hero Power trades, etc.

Swashburglar: I would have preferred to put this card up with the “Rogue Necessities” but because it is a pirate it belongs with its pirate buddies. Unlike Southsea Deckhand I do play this card immediately unless I have Prince Keleseth in hand because you don’t want Patches coming out as just a 1/1 if you can make him bigger. He’s basically like a Babbling Book that also makes your game interesting because like I said above with Hallucination you will always get random cards that can create interesting synergies or surprise your opponents with something they don’t see coming. This guy pretty much belongs in every rogue deck, in my opinion.

Southsea Captain: The king of pirates, he pumps up your other pirates and makes them survive small board wipes while also adding to their damage and helping them either deal massive damage or trade up with bigger minions.

Rogue Legends

The rogue legendaries are just so good on their own that it’s hard not to throw them into every deck. They don’t even have much synergy in this current decklist but the sheer power they provide for their low mana cost makes them better than anything else you would put in their place.

Edwin VanCleef: Unlike the old Rogue decks that ran Counterfeit Coin and Preparation, your VanCleef isn’t going to be a giant 20/20 anymore but I have still had games where he comes out as an 8/8 or bigger on Turn 3 thanks to the Coin and things like Shadowstep on Swashburglar. A personal rule of thumb though, I don’t keep him in my opening hand unless I have the coin since the coin basically provides you with a free +2/+2. Otherwise just mulligan him and go for Prince Keleseth since that is the focus of this deck, not Edwin.

Shaku, the Collector: Just a powerful card by itself, you’re almost always guaranteed a single attack and a free card from your opponent (see Hallucination/Swashburglar above, don’t want to keep repeating myself). Occasionally I’ll use Shadowstep after attacking in order to replay and get the Stealth again but that’s only if I’ve used up my entire hand and I need to refill it with more card advantage. Usually you’ll just play him, attack, get free cards and use those to keep your tempo going.

Xaril, Poisoned Mind: Another amazingly powerful card by itself that gives you cheap spells to use for combos or Edwin VanCleef. I wouldn’t use Shadowstep or Shadowcaster on this minion though, just play it and get your two potions/spells and that is good enough for 4 mana.

Leeroy Jenkins: One of the best finishers in the game. Combine this with Cold Blood and you’ll usually end your opponent before Turn 8+ when they can get their Death Knight cards and such going. Can also be combo’d with Shadowstep late in the game for even more burst damage! Cannot be replaced, best high damage Charge minion finisher in the game.

Extra Minions

These are the minions that didn’t really fit into any of the other themes in the deck.

Spellbreaker: A great singleton that allows you to negate Taunt minions or disable effects such as Doomsayer or Spikeridged Steed that will wall you off from hitting your opponent. You really only need one in the deck since Shadowstep and Shadowcaster will allow you to abuse the same battlecry effect multiple times if you use it properly.

Shadowcaster: Another great singleton that lets you abuse the battlecry effects in your deck. Making copies of Vilespine Slayer or SI:7 Agent to remove your opponents minions are the best way to abuse this card and then if possible, use Shadowstep or if you’re lucky, Xaril, Poisoned Mind‘s potion that does the same effect, to return the 1/1 back to your hand and it will revert back to its old regular stats, thus giving you a free FULL card as well as another opportunity to abuse the battlecry effect again. A fun card to play around in this type of deck full of fun battlecries.

Bonemare: The king of tempo cards, you’re getting a 5/5 minion while also making another one of your minions HUGE as well as giving it Taunt which means you can attack into your opponent and force them to attack into your minion instead of racing you to see who can kill the other first. Another battlecry effect that you can abuse with Shadowstep or Shadowcaster but don’t forget to attack first and eat minions so you can return it and put its health back to full.

Mulligan: AGGRESSIVE Keleseth

Your main priority during the mulligan phase is to get Prince Keleseth since his deck buff is only handy if you’re getting him out early to buff up things like Patches the Pirate and then getting them into play before your opponent can develop a board.

Priority #1: Prince Keleseth and Swashburglar.

Swashburglar is another card I like to get early on because if you don’t have Keleseth, you can play him early to start aggressively attacking while also getting the free card to try and work that into your curve as well. However, if you have Keleseth in hand make sure you don’t cast him on Turn 1 since you’ll want the buff to hit Patches the Pirate first.

Priority #2: Shadowstep.

Shadowstep is important mainly if you have Keleseth but also because there are just so many things you can abuse with it. Things like SI:7 Agent can really wreck early game boards with a proper Shadowstep play. Remember, eat a small minion, bounce, play again with combo and deal damage to basically “heal” your Agent.

Priority #3: Fire Fly and Backstab.

These are your answers against most early game boards. Fire Fly can eat and trade small minions while also giving you that extra little bit of damage to kill 2 health minions with your hero power. Backstab allows you to get rid of any threatening minions such as Northshire Cleric or Flametongue Totem and also provides you with the best combo card for things like SI:7 Agent.

Conclusion: Powerful AND Fun!

Like I mentioned at the beginning of my article, I took a bit of a break from Hearthstone as my last job was draining the life out of me and I could barely find the time to really keep up with the current meta. But during my return, I saw this deck being played and wanted to try it out and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was! Last month I barely played at all and was able to reach Rank 5 quickly at the end of the month for my monthly rewards. If you’re looking to climb ranks with a deck that won’t bore you out, thanks to cards like Swashburglar and Hallucination giving you a variety of different cards to play with, I recommend using this deck as it is powerful yet also really creative to play.

Well that’s it for me today, I hope you all enjoyed the decklist and for the time being I should be back around writing articles again for you all! I might even be able to revive my old Reddit Clips articles so if you’re the type that likes seeing funny or educational clips of popular Twitch streamers, keep your eye open for that as well.

If you want, you are always welcome to follow me on Twitter @whoisfuskee to see what I’ve been up to and I’m usually not the type to do this, but I’m begging for follows on my Twitch stream at so I can try to get up to Partner status and really give this Twitch thing a shot! I play a lot of Arena and my videos are full of me talking to myself and explaining my thought process so you can get an idea of how I play. Please drop by and give me some love and keep me company if you’re bored, I do my best to engage with anyone in my room. :) Thanks for reading and I will see you all again soon!

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Leave a Reply

  1. Tresa says:

    I have no idea how you can level consistently. I very rarely get the prince within even the first 5 draws

    • Fuskee says:

      Prince isn’t vital to win but if you can get Prince out Turn 1/2 your chances of winning skyrocket. The focus is to curve out strong with good early game minions like Fire Fly or Swashburglar/Patches, ease into Turn 3 with SI:7 Agent and Southsea Captain, and make sure you have something alive for Bonemare. Some of the changes I made to a more recent version of this deck are -2 Hallucination and +2 Vicious Fledgling, Fledgling will help you with that powerful Turn 3 moment. Another change is +1 Cairne Bloodhoof if you have him. When you play him on Turn 6 he becomes very hard to kill and is one of the best targets to put Bonemare on. I took out Edwin VanCleef for him. So -2 Hallucination, -1 Edwin VanCleef, +2 Vicious Fledgling, +1 Cairne Bloodhoof. If you’re having with aggro, you can also try using Tar Creeper since they will keep your small minions alive and are also great targets for Bonemare. Good luck!

  2. Anonymous says:

    You muligan differently to me. I will usually keep pirate captain as t3 captain can usually flip the board back. And will keep edwin/si:7 with coin/backstab.

    I also usually muligan shadowstep away unless I have Keleseth.

    • Fuskee says:

      How does he flip the board back? The reason I mulligan him away is because Keleseth is too important in the deck to get out early. Basically if you can get Keleseth you’ve pretty much won. Like I said, I do keep Edwin if I have the coin but I pretty much never keep him if I only have Backstab because once again, you want Keleseth if possible. Getting out a turn 3 4/4 just isn’t impressive and even with double backstab you still need two targets to have him come out as a 6/6 which is still not life threatening. Coin is the only time Edwin will be worth it in my opinion. I could agree that Shadowstep can be mulligan’d but I like having SI:7 tricks and Shadowstep also makes your Swashburglar give you some insane card advantage if your deck just can’t get moving, like if you draw into Vilespine/Bonemare and don’t have any other Turn 1-4 drops, you can Shadowstep the Swashburglar to try and get into some Tempo. I do aggressively mulligan with this deck. How well has it done for you?

      • Anonymous says:

        Hard to say. I think it is match up dependent. I don’t keep stats so these matchup rates are guesses.
        Better than even but close in the mirror and vs shaman and warlock. Hunter/Warrior = free win. Mage strongly favored. Priest though I lose incredibly badly (wins are rare) even after teching against the class.