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February 2, 2017

Deckbuilding Guide for New Format – Aggro Rogue, Control Paladin and Control Warrior


Hello everyone! Today’s article will be about sweet new decks in the upcoming Standard format and what kind of decks you need to gravitate towards to during the first few days. Whenever a new set comes out, things are a little bit crazy, because there are a lot of inferior decklists being played, that after a while will simply disappear. Personally I enjoy the time shortly after a set release the most, because as a good player and deckbuilder, I have a far bigger winrate than normally. I’ve chose the following deck types:

  • Aggro Rogue
  • Control Paladin
  • Control Warrior

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  1. berimbolla says:

    Been playing with the Control Pally with great results! Thanks!! However I seem to be getting consistently crushed by other super turtley control decks or other very late game decks with wonky end game gimmicks. Sorry if those descriptions don’t really help, but I’m not sure those decks I’ve faced have names yet lol.

  2. geniekid says:

    I had some interesting scenarios come up yesterday while trying out the Aggro rogue.

    Once I went first against Warrior with Argent Squire, Bladed Cultist, Bladed Cultist, SI:7 Agent in my opening hand. I decided to go turn 1 AS, and turn 2 BC + BC after failing to draw an activator, but I thought for awhile about turn 1 pass, and turn 2 AS + BC. I figured the two extra damage from playing AS and an unbuffed BC 1 turn earlier would be better than a possible 2/3 BC on turn 3, which would have to survive til turn 5 to break even in face damage.

    I also had a game where I went first with Argent Squire and my turn 2 hand was Shadowstep, Defias Ringleader, SI:7 Agent, and Leeroy Jenkins. I chose to Shadowstep the AS and play the Ringleader but with so many 1 drops in the deck I wasn’t sure if I should’ve Hero Powered hoping to play 1-drop + Defias on turn 3. Or maybe even play the Defias without combo. Also, after Shadowstep, should I have kept the 0-cost Argent Squire for turn 3 AS + SI:7 or replay it immediately? So many decisions!

    Finally, Loot Hoarder did a lot of work for me.

  3. gird44 says:

    So far I have been playing the Pally deck for several hours. I consistently get owned by Taunt druid and taking 30 plus damage when Brann is in play and C’Thun(not sure of the spelling) comes down. Can’t stop it Gonna add Black Knight but not sure if that is enough.

    • Falathar says:

      I think Ramp Druid is a good matchup with this deck. You have a lot of ways to handle their big guys, the only way to lose is if they get you low and deal lethal damage with C’thun.

      Against Druid you should mulligan for Doomsayer, Aldor Peacekeeper, Truesilver Champion and Equality, so that you can handle any initial pressure.