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March 13, 2017

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Fireflyer’s “Best of Reddit Clips” Vol. 4

Hey hey hey! It’s me, Fireflyer, and it is once again mid-way through March which means….. BEST OF REDDIT CLIPS VOLUME 4!!! That’s right, the last 2 weeks of Reddit clips all bunched into one little spot where you can watch them and read my reaction to them. Sometimes we learn something, most of the time we just laugh at Hearthstone’s fun RNG moments. So let’s not waste anymore time, LET’S DO THIS.

Best of Reddit Clips Vol. 4



Let’s start off with just some fun lethal involving Majordomo Executus. Not sure if he saw the lethal already but it’s funny to see him when he realizes it as the Baron Geddon trigger goes off, killing Majordomo Executus and changing his opponent into the 8 health Ragnaros. Two attacks later and bam, game win. I personally hate playing Majordomo Executus for exactly this reason, that 8 health is so low!

He’s just dragons!


We’ve been seeing this happen a lot lately with Lord Jaraxxus, people either maindecking Sacrificial Pact or getting them off of “opponent’s class” type effects such as Rogue triggers or in this case, Nefarian. It’s even better because Savjz just talks about how he doesn’t have to worry about things because his opponent is “just running dragons” and in this case, a dragon is what ends up giving him a swift death.



Here’s a fun combo that I was predicting would be somewhat used but ended up just becoming a bit of a “joke” combo compared to just running Patches the Pirate and having him come into play Turn 1 off of a normal 1 mana drop pirate. You use Gang Up with Patches the Pirate and then trigger him using Southsea Captain for a bunch of 2/2 charges. It’s fun but sadly not as effective as just using him regularly so you don’t see this combo in action much.


Credit: TicTac

Oh my lord, okay let’s set this up first. His opponent uses the Brann Bronzebeard + Dirty Rat combo to try and bait stuff out of his opponent’s hand without the Mind Control Tech part of the combo to steal anything and ends up giving his opponent Aviana and Malygos which means all his minions cost 1 mana and all his spells have +5 spell damage. !!! He drops Fandral Staghelm for 1 thanks to Aviana, which activates Nourish and gives him 2 more mana up to 3 mana and draws him 3 cards. He then uses 2 mana for a Wrath that is also activated by Fandral Staghelm so it does 9 damage and draws him a card, giving him Kun the Forgotten King which he plays for 1 mana thanks to Aviana and goes back to full mana and then proceeds to deal lethal damage with Living Roots doing 7 damage, Moonfire doing 6 damage, Feral Rage doing 4 damage and swinging. What’s even crazier is that he could have instead played Gadgetzan Auctioneer for 1 mana, and had 8 mana left to use Living Roots and Moonfire to draw cards and deal even more spell damage. Truly a once in a lifetime situation, I don’t know what his opponent was thinking using that combo against a druid. Maybe against pirates to get some low cost pirates into play but against druid you’re just asking for big minions.

Sniper Protection


To explain what’s going on here you have to know what “stream sniping” is. Sadly, there are people who want free wins again pro players by going to their stream when they notice their username and watch their hand while they play. There isn’t much you can do about it besides hiding your username so it was funny to see Savjz trying out a technique where he’s hiding a card underneath his advertisement logo just in case his opponent is watching his hand. His opponent dumps a whole bunch of minions onto the field and Savjz has a surprise waiting behind the advertisement, a Deathwing waiting to wipe the board. Not sure if it worked or not but it was definitely an interesting strategy.

Rag, wait for Sylvanas


Here’s a funny interaction involving Sylvanas Windrunner. His opponent uses Power Overwhelming to make his Sylvanas Windrunner die at the end of the turn after he wipes his opponent’s field but before the trigger can go off and he can steal the Ragnaros the Firelord, his own Ragnaros the Firelord blasts him in the face and kills him before the steal happens. Pretty funny interaction, glad DisguisedToast could have a laugh at that.

Hi Leeroy


Another fun moment from DisguisedToast where he tries to decide whether to play his Dirty Rat first and then the Demonwrath or if he should save it the damage in case it pulls nothing and takes 2 damage for no reason. He makes a good choice, knowing that rogue decks tend to run Leeroy Jenkins because of things like Cold Blood which can make him very deadly, so he plays the Dirty Rat first and has a big grin as he pulls the Leeroy Jenkins and proceeds to kill pretty much his opponent’s entire field. Good call!



Thijs agrees to play Yogg-Saron, Hope's End for his Twitch chat since he is running a Yogg druid deck that apparently casts a ton of spells. After all the excitement and build up of the spells, he plays Yogg only to have him cast two spells and finish the game. Not your typical 5 hour long Yogg clip of spells, thanks Yogg nerf! :(

Good job Toast


Here’s an interesting clip where we can learn something. Effects that change a minion’s attack or health to a number such as Humility or Equality doesn’t mean that it will go to 1. Effects that still buff your opponent’s minion’s damage, in this case Small-time Buccaneer‘s effect and the Southsea Captain‘s buff will still increase the attack after the spell changes it. In this clip, he uses Inner Fire to set the “1/2” Small-time Buccaneer to become a “2/2” that also gets +2 from his opponent having a weapon and +1/+1 from the Southsea Captain making it bigger than it was before. Doesn’t work like that DisguisedToast!

Yogg-Saron again!


With every Yogg-Saron, Hope's End win comes a Yogg-Saron, Hope's End loss. Pray all you want Thijs, Yogg doesn’t hear you as he suicides himself with a Pyroblast. He gives and he takes.

RNGesus christ


Here is some crazy RNG madness in Arena thanks to Servant of Yogg-SaronTrump‘s opponent gets a 5/4 minion as well as a free Powershot that hits the perfect target in the middle killing his 4/2 and 3/2, leaving him with a 2/1 and no Divine Shield against a 5/4. Some crazy randomness that completely flips the board on that match!

Summon more!


I hate running Unlicensed Apothecary for this reason exactly, it limits you so much and you’re also prone to mistakes that can cost you a game. It almost seems like he was doing it on purpose because of the Life Tap at the end but he takes SO much damage in one turn, it’s amazing. Thanks to Unlicensed Apothecary‘s ability, playing two minions, one of which was Imp Master that made another minion at the end of the turn, meant taking 15 damage and then when another 3 damage hits the Dragon Egg it makes another minion that deals another 5 damage. Kripp made sure to heal up the Unlicensed Apothecary so it could survive the area damage, haha. Good play.

I need this EXACTLY


RDU shows off his pro skills by playing to the only out that can save him in this game. Stuck at 10 life, he has to Preparation + Cold Blood to make sure his opponent’s Feral Spirit minion can kill his Tomb Pillager for the extra Coin/mana for Gadgetzan Auctioneer, then Preparation to draw a card into Sap which he plays for free on the Flamewreathed Faceless which draws him another card into Backstab to use on his opponent’s Tunnel Trogg which lets him attack into it and kill it, leaving him at 5 life but his opponent has nothing on the field versus his Gadgetzan Auctioneer. Spoiler: He ends up losing the game apparently but at least he did everything he could to get himself out of the situation and that’s what makes him a true pro player.

Mayor Noggenfogger


I just wanted to highlight how crazy this was. The recent Heroic Tavern Brawl is a great way of people showing off their competitive constructed skills, by showing off their deckbuilding as well as their awareness of the current meta to know what will give them the best win %. In RDU‘s case, I guess the story was that he opened up a Mayor Noggenfogger and received a 10 dollar donation to use it in the Heroic Tavern Brawl so he and two other people came up with a deck idea to use it and ended up running Warlock Zoo also known as Zoolock. I hear that in most games he just ended up discarding Mayor Noggenfogger to discard effects or as discard bait but even with that disadvantage he was able to go a full 12-0 with the deck. Truly impressive!


Well that’s all for Volume 4 guys! I hope you all had good luck in the previous Heroic Tavern Brawl and if not, don’t worry regular Tavern Brawl is coming back this week along with some NEW CARDS! WOOOOO! I hope you’re all as excited for the new expansion as I am, I always love seeing new things that can change the meta. I’m particularly interested in the new QUEST cards!

As always you can follow me on Twitter @HS_Fireflyer to check my upcoming stream schedule and check out my Arena screenshots. You can also watch me on Twitch at, I will be putting up my schedule this week now that I am fully moved into my new place and I hope to have some fun arena matches to show off!

Tune in 2 weeks from now for Volume 5 of my “Best of Reddit Clips” and I will catch you then!

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