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February 2, 2017

N’zoth Control Warrior- Top 100 Legend


Once again I finished in the Top 100 with a Warrior deck. Although I wanted to make Top 100 with Miracle Rogue, the current metagame is simply much more favorable for N’zoth Control Warrior. There are a lot of Warlock Zoo, Dragon Warrior and various Shaman decks on the ladder, which I farmed consistently. Since the introduction of the Standard format, I also played a lot of C’thun Warrior, but dropped it in favor of N’zoth Control Warrior, because the latter is not only more consistent, but also even better against Zoo Warlock, Aggro Shaman and Dragon Warrior, which are both popular and good decks, you want to consistently beat.

This article is a complete guide about N’zoth Control Warrior and is hopefully a good tool for you, if you want to play it yourself.

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  1. madboyx says:

    After enjoying some brews during this Week 1 of ONK, I keep coming back to this deck, and am finding lots of success with it. I love it. Thanks again for the content.

  2. gird44 says:

    This is a great deck, ty for the super article.

  3. vamp9190 says:

    This is a great deck and an excellent guide, thanks! You have Control Priest listed as a bad matchup but I have been destroying them. Just avoid getting your Sylvanas Entombed (or N’Zoth if they are a N’Zoth Priest) and make sure to save Brawl for the right moment. Shield slamming your own Sylvanas is normally correct, especially if you can steal theirs and then immediately kill it also;) Grom and Alex are normally a surprise to people once they know you are N’Zoth not control.

    • Falathar says:

      Assuming equal play skill, Priest should be unfavored. The thing is that only bad players or people who love it play Priest nowadays, because the class is horrible.

  4. zelania says:

    Great article. Its cool to see that you trade more of your poker time towards Hearthstone. Gz with top 100. Very Impressive :-)

  5. Nuba says:

    Suberb content. I am proud